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Word Fundamentals

      The Word workspace
      Opening, saving, closing and switching between multiple documents
      Moving around a document using keyboard shortcuts
      Changing the views of the document
      Browsing through the document
      Text selection
      Entering and deleting text
      Using Undo and Redo
      Document formatting: fonts, sizes, colours, underlining, bold, effects and animation
      Moving and copying text
      Text alignment
      Paragraph and line spacing
      Indenting text
      Bulleted and numbered lists
      Tabulation to line up text in columns
      Borders and shading
      AutoCorrect & AutoText
      Spell and grammar checking
      Find and replace
      Page Setup: document margins, orientation and page size

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Word Intermediate

      Inserting or drawing a table: modify the row, column and cell properties
      Tables: Border and shading; sorting data; adding columns and rows of figures
      Creating, applying and modifying styles; saving to a specific template
      Applying outline or multi-level paragraph numbering
      Creating a quick Table of contents
      Applying a header and footer to a document or template
      Creating and saving a usable template
      Applying different headers and footers to sections of a document: to include formatted page numbering, dates and filenames
      Inserting and formatting text into columns
      Inserting pictures or clipart: resizing and moving
      Inserting dropped caps and text boxes to create a newsletter-style document
Wrapping text around a picture
      Mail -merge: creating form letters and mailing labels
      Mail-merge: filtering and sorting the data source prior to merging
      Recording and running a macro
     Assigning macros to toolbar buttons and shortcut keys

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Word Advanced

Creating a Table of Contents

     Creating a list of tables and a list of graphics

     Changing table styles

Working with Large Documents




     Using footnotes and endnotes

     Creating Hyperlinks

     Understanding & using the template/style organiser


     Creating and reviewing versions

     Tracking changes

     Comparing documents

     Inserting comments


      Marking text for indexing

      Using an AutoMark file

      Generating an Index

Using Fields in Word

      Mail merge fields

Working with Forms

      Creating a form

      Working with the form

      Using section breaks

      Protecting areas

      Adding help text

Master documents

      Merging subdocuments

      Removing subdocuments


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