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Access Fundamentals

Concepts Of Database Design
Why use a database?
      Introduction to database terminology
      Understanding the Access environment
Working With Tables
      Modifying table structure: sorting, hiding
      Finding and filtering data
      Adding/deleting/editing records
      Creating a new table
      Understanding primary keys
      Simple field property modification
      Printing data
Exporting data to MS Word and Excel
Working With Forms
      Creating and using different forms
      Using wizards
      Modifying forms
Working With Queries
      Why use a query?
      Specifying criteria
      Modifying queries
      Creating queries from linked tables
Working With Reports
      Creating and using different reports
      Using wizards
      Modifying reports

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Access Intermediate

       Review of table design and primary key setting
Creating and using relationships between tables
       Advanced table property modification
       Importing and exporting objects
Advanced Query Design
       Review of simple query design
       Queries for specific tasks
       Advanced criteria setting
       Calculated criteria
       Creating calculated fields
       Append queries
       Make-Table queries
       Update queries
       Delete queries
       Importing and exporting objects
Advanced Form Creation
       Customising forms
       Creating forms with sub-forms
       Using the forms control toolbox
       Adding graphics, formats and charts
Creating a User Interface or "Front-end"
       Using Command buttons for simple macros and navigation
       Creating and building simple macros
       Starting with Autoexec
       Create Auto-keys: function keys which can be programmed to perform tasks
Advanced Report Creation
       Using calculations
       Sorting & grouping data
       Adding data fields
       Modifying field properties
       Adding graphics and charts

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Data Analysis and Reporting

Designing Select Queries
Selecting Fields that Contain Values
Using "IN" instead of "OR"
DateAdd Function and Between Date
Displaying Part of a Text Field
Calculating Totals In Queries
Specifying Criteria for Group by Field
Specifying Criteria that limit records before calculating the total
Sub Reports
Grouping and Sorting
Displaying Selected Information
Calculations for Ungrouped Data
Summary Calculations
Designing Macros to Perform Functions
Charting Data on Reports
       Using Criteria in Queries
Append Queries
Update Queries
Crosstab Queries
       Extracting Data using AND/OR in the same Field
Selecting Records with the Current Date
Calculations In Criteria
Combining Fields
Displaying Part of a Date Field
Calculating a Total for One Group
Specifying Criteria that Calculate the Total First then Limit Records
Using an Expression that Contains Several Totals
Text Box
Combo Box
Bound Object Frames
Creating Sub Reports
       Grouping and Sorting Data
Calculations for Grouped Data

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